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If you're considering pursuing a IBM certification, you may already have discovered that the number of IBM certifications is legion. This has come about because IBM has redesigned the structure of its certification program several times as it worked to come up with a sustainable, straight forward structure. However, each certification in the latest crop comes in a wide array of variations, and on top of that, the old certifications never went away, and some of them are in fact still relevant to IT professionals today. All of this makes the menu of choices a little overwhelming.

As you can see, the latest generation of certifications offers many more certification tracks within each designation. They pertain to the latest IBM technologies as well some of the more venerable products and are certainly the first place to look if you are considering a new certification. However, many previous IBM products, such as COG-105, are still widely used, and earlier IBM certifications that remain available are quite appropriate for individuals who work with those products. Basically it comes down to what technology generation you are working with, at least until the menu of certifications gets redesigned again...

I think the COG-105 is a good certification courses. And Visualexams is a good choice!First of all, the number of applicants seems, we can conclude that this subject must be very good. Second, it's the future we are looking into. For the future, we need to use a development perspective to look at it.

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Since I'm now getting involved in some pretty significant Sharepoint development and implementation, I've decided to start studying for the IBM COG-105 exam, which covers the configuration of MOSS 2007. When starting to study for this exam, I started with the "standard" MS books, including Inside IBM Office Sharepoint Server 2007 and Inside IBM Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0. I also found a couple of great videos on the test in the MSDN video libraries, but I had a sneaking suspicion that by only studying from these sources, I would miss out on much of the knowledge needed to complete the test.

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IBM COG-105 exam

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This article was published on 2010/09/13