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Laptop AC adapter has some commonly-seen problems that everyone may have an acknowledgement of them. Here one friend has bought a new IBM T60 series AC adapter. Thus the new one seems different from the original.

Laptop power adapter function is to transfer 220V AC into low voltage direct current, providing energy for daily work. Now the market has emerged a large number of counterfeit IBM power adapters, with the internal circuitry of these fake cut corners, rough work. If continued to use, there would result in worst for electrical instability caused by flashing LCD screen, even damage laptop. Now I will briefly show you how to tell their authenticity. Just as this IBM T60 series AC adapter, here introduce the IBM laptop ac adapter.

All IBM AC adapters have this "IBM" three-color logo. The color of the three letters was pure red, green and blue. By comparing, the fake one is not pure as the original one. They looks more shallow, especially the letter M. if you didn't have an original IBM laptop AC adapter at hand, you can check it with the logo on the laptop top cover.

Another way is to examine the fake sticker on the bottom of the adapter. The real one is clearer of the printed text on it. But the fake one is pure white comparing with the gray real one.

The third is to have a look at the power cord socket parts; there is an apparent difference between the real and the fake. Genuine outlet around the box was shaped plastic material and color and other parts of the shell is consistent, and fakes have a very big difference, fake plastic around is obvious with burr.

All these above come from the comparison of the two IBM T60 series AC adapters. Hope this is helpful for you to distinguish the real one. There are more complex to select. So find a professional online store and get a suitable one for your laptop is a wise choice.

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Select the Real IBM Laptop AC Adapter

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This article was published on 2010/09/08